Introducing the World’s First Hashtag NFTs!

In 2007, Hashtags reimagined how we express culture. In 2021, we at Proof of Culture enabled the minting of Hashtag NFTs to capture modern culture through art.

Our mission is simple: to preserve culture that will never make it to the history books but defined our lives. We want to give everyone in the world the opportunity to submit a page into our decentralized encyclopedia of modern culture powered by the Ethereum network.

Proof of Culture is the world’s first hashtag NFT. However, what makes our project truly unique is that for the first time, we are enabling the creation of customized art on the blockchain at scale. Instead of buying an NFT off the shelf or being assigned one at random, you are actually commissioning a designer to craft a unique piece of art to represent your hashtag. We believe the future of art is personalized and Proof of Culture will go down in history as the pioneering project of commissioned digital collectibles on the blockchain.

We are proud to say many industry leaders have taken notice of Proof of Culture and already minted HASHTAG NFTs including Mark Cuban, Barry Silbert (billionaire CEO of Digital Currency Group), Mike Novogratz (billionaire CEO of Galaxy Digital), Justin Kan (co-founder of Twitch), Devin Finzer (CEO of OpenSea), Yoni Assia (CEO of eToro) and more!

We just opened up our Genesis Collection of 200 Hashtag NFTs! The power is now in your hands to decide the moments, memes, and movements that future generations remember us by.

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Contract Details

ProofOfCultureMinter: 0xac58bC66De7cEFC4f6151A8315327a5D37CD68b1

ERC1155: 0xF3bB2Bdb756e75c80FeF8cd2332b3b593fFB398E

The world’s first Hashtag NFT to preserve modern culture in the form of 9,999 pieces of collectible hashtag inspired art.